Phong Thần Bảng II - The Legend And The Hero 2 40/40

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Title: Legend And The Hero 2 , the (English Subtitled)
Starring: Ruby Lin , Ray Lui , Fan Bing Bing , Liu Dekai , Huang Wei De
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen

Media Format: DVD - NTSC
Region Code: All Regions
Running Time: 1800 Minutes
Studio: Tai Seng Video Marketing
Production: 2009
Sale Price: Now Only US$49.95 (28% Off)
Shipping Unit: 1
Audio Spec: Dolby Digital
Dialogue: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English , Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Remarks: 5DVDs (Ep.1-40) End

The is one of the best traditional legendary folkore story of Ancient China. A group of abled people were assembled to fight against the King who was bewitched by Demons. And so the war between the good and the evil begins. With loads of CG, battlefield scenes and an ancient Chinese magic
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